Joanna Jean

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"Hello, my name is Joanna Jean. So, I started my fitness journey in 2014, by going to the gym by my self and just for the fun, nothing serious, and not the best diet on the menu every day. Then, over the time at the gym, and over the internet, I saw some people becoming serious about it. Workout, training, diet ... I was impress by their result, so I decide why not me ... In 2015 I start my serious journey in the hardcore fitness world, I was there to challenge myself, to reach that level of fitness. From then on I've been in love with fitness... I went to my first competition in May 2016, and I won. Then, July 2016, I won the province championship. For me, the achievement was my third competition in May 2017 ... canada national championship ... and I won and new IFBB PRO . I am 30 years old, and proud and happy of my fitness achievement.

Now, a new chapter is starting for me, I want to go international, I want to become a personal training, have my blog and YouTube channel to share with people how we can meet our goals in the fitness world. The year 2017 will be very important to me :), and I can wait to meet new people, new fitness beginner, fitness lovers