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About Us

  • Ludachris Fitness Summer Camp is a camp for kids between the ages of 6-14 that provides them with various types of physical activities (team sports, individual sports, group fitness, and low organizational games). Our goal is for our campers to take interest in at least one physical activity that they will continue to partake in to lead an active lifestyle all year round.


  • What differentiates us from other camps is the nutrition aspect of our camp. We provide our campers with 4 healthy meals (LOW FAT AND NUT FREE) throughout each day. Our goal is not only to feed our campers nutritious foods, but also offer an education about how these foods will benefit their health so that they make better choices in regards to the foods they choose to consume throughout their lifes.


  • Our camp will be run predominantly in English, however all monitors and directors of the camp will be fluently bilingual to accommodate both French and English speaking campers.


  • Our Camp Monitors: We will be hiring Physical Education Graduates/Teachers with CPR/First Aid Certifications as they are trained and specialised to teach in a physical education setting (gym, fitness room, outdoor facilities).


About the director



Chris Gurunlian:

    • Professional Fitness Competitor
  • 4x National Fitness Champion
  • McGill University Bachelor’s Degree in Physical and Health Education
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Lauren Hill Academy Physical Education Teacher
  • CIS Level Official Basketball Referee


2016 Schedule

Week 1: June 27th to June 30th (CAMP IS CLOSE ON JULY 1ST FOR CANADA DAY)

Week 2: July 4th to July 8th

Week 3: July 11th to July 15th

Week 4: July 18th to July 22th

Week 5: July 25th to July 29th

Week 6: August 1st to August 5th


Daily Time Table

7:30am – 8:30am Day care (Breakfast)
8:30am – 9:05am Check In
9:05am – 10:10am Activity #1
10:10am – 10:40am Snack
10:40am – 11:45am Activity #2
11:45am – 12:50am Lunch
12:50am – 1:55pm Activity #3
1:55pm – 2:25pm Snack
2:25pm – 3:30pm Activity #4
3:30pm – 6:00pm Day care (Snack)



“Last summer, my daughter Olivia attended Ludachris Fitness Camp and LOVED it!!  She enjoyed her days doing all the activities and sports that she likes.  She made new friends with the campers and had a blast with Chris and his team.  As a parent I was pleasantly surprised as to the way the camp was run by being very safe and well organized which is a very important factor when you have a group of kids at various age levels.  Also, the camp provides healthy and delicious lunches and snacks for the campers which is a big plus for parents since not all summer camps provide such well thought out healthy meals and snacks for the kids.  Needless to say, Olivia can’t wait to come back this summer!”
Our 10 year old boy had an awesome time at Ludachris summer camp last summer (2014).  In this camp, he learned the importance of nutrition and fitness all in a friendly, respectful and safe  environment.

The camp provided healthy meals during the day. This gave my son ample energy to tackle the many fun activities planned for him. I loved the fact that I don’t have to worry about packing lunches and snacks!

On his first day, I was surprised at how fast my son adapted to the new camp.  Ludachris camp had a big gymnasium, which was great especially when it rained.  On a particular day, my son was exposed to: soccer, football, basketball, and many fitness exercises.  When the weather was nice, my son loved going swimming and playing outside at the nearby park.  He also enjoyed the board games and video games (only fitness games of course!).

The best part about this camp was that my son made many friends and was exposed to many team sports.  He also gained a much better understanding of how healthy foods play an importance role in his development.

Duke C.

Daniel & Sara both enjoyed Camp  Ludachris last summer.  The program was  both fun and informative.  Both my kids walked away with  new found appreciation for exercise and good nutrition.  Chris and his staff kept the program challenging yet super fun.  They pushed Daniel and Sara to play hard but work harder.  Great program, well priced and lots of fun.  Definitely a summer the kids will remember.  Way to go Camp Ludachris!
Karen A.
Great camp with good nutrition, lots of physical activity and energetic personnel.  A much better option than staying at home and playing video games!!!
Maria N.
My daughter was 6 yrs old when she attended Ludachris Fitness Camp for the first time and enjoyed every second of it. She not only stayed active, but was provided with healthy meals and snacks and made many new friends. Her experience was memorable and that is why she will be attending again this summer and other summers to come!

Antonia I.

Our kids had a wonderful time at Ludachris Fitness Camp last summer.  The healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks that were prepared by the camp was a big plus.  Not only staying active all day long, they also learned how to achieve a healthy life style.  Thank you Chris for such a great opportunity and experience and for such a pleasant environment for our kids.  They are looking forward to seeing  you again this summer.

Ivy M.

Congratulations Chris, on creating an incredibly fun & healthy environment for kids on their summer break! My daughter, absolutely loved every day she was there. She always had some great stories to share with us. Whether it was about winning a race, playing soccer, which Chris knows is her favorite sport, or anything Chris challenges her and her summer camp friends to do, she’d be ready for it. The nutrition plan is the best, as far as I’m concerned. The children get a very good HEALTHY breakfast, followed by a snack, then a very good HEALTHY lunch, followed by 2 other snacks in the day. Chris is an amazing person, who has a great way of communicating with kids. He’s a champion and knows how to motivate his campers to always try their best. Thank you Chris, for giving Olivia great memories and teaching her about the importance of health, in an incredibly fun atmosphere! Looking forward to another great camp in Summer 2015!

Thanks Chris!

Joe S.

Great camp experience. Fun, safe, and secure environment. Healthy meals and snacks are provided. Great staff.
Mita P.


“Being a parent is not an easy task nowadays especially when it comes to planning summer activities for our children. Where do you find an activity where your children will be active, safe, surround themselves with friends and eat well? Ludafit Summer Camp definitely made my checklist. Both my 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter enjoyed their week at Ludafit summer camp in 2013. They played sports, went swimming, played games and learned what is good nutrition. They came home with a big smile on their faces and lots to recount about their day. I trust Chris and his team who are dynamic and responsible young people to take care of my kids. I look forward to signing them up again for summer 2014.”


Mark and Lucy Guzevicius


“Excellent beginning and congratulations to Chris who provided an active, fun-filled camp with healthy nutrition, something greatly lacking in most camps today. Instead of being at home playing with video games all day, my children were active, met new friends and recounted stories of sports activities, circuit-training and games they played when they came home. They saw physical progress in just 3 weeks. They can’t wait to go back for the summer of 2014! Thank you all and hope to see you there!”

Maria Nohos


“I enjoyed my weeks at camp with Chris. We played some new games and I liked beating Chris at Connect 4.”

Amanda age 6


“I have been to other camps but I enjoyed Chris’s camp because we played outside in good weather and we played inside a big gym when it was too hot. I enjoyed going to a park and playing volley ball. All the games were equally fun; out of all of them I don’t have a favorite. The circuit training was a little difficult at first but the more I did it the easier it got. Next summer, I hope I could convince more of my friends to come with me. The best part of the end of this camp was I felt stronger and fit by the end of summer.”

Alessandra age 11

‘‘When I first joined CJ fitness camp, I was not to sure because all I wanted to do all summer is play soccer and watch TV. But after the first week, I knew this summer was going to be fun. It was even more fun when I found out that two of my friends from school were coming too! When you walk in everybody is very welcoming and you will without a doubt have a fun time if you join!’’

Ian age 12

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