Online Package

$159.99 / month

– New Custom Made Training Program every 6 Weeks

– Custom Made Meal Plan

– Supplement Plan to Compliment Your Meal Plan

– Bi-Weekly Follow Ups (every 2 weeks via email/skype)

Notice: This program is run by certified trainer and Team Ludachris athlete Sandra Baltatu.  Read below for more details.

– Payment Methods: Subscription of 159.99$ per month, where you will be charged automatically for minimum of 3 payments. **READ BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS..


Product Description

To be physically fit and happy with your appearance it is important to have a customized training program and meal plan prepared by our experts. We will guide you, motivate you and push you to reach your ultimate goal.

Sandra Baltatu: Certified personal trainer and national bikini champion.  Sandra will be preparing all programs included for this package under my supervision and any program sent to our clients will only be sent out after I have looked it over and approved it.

MEAL PLAN: The meal plans we offer are custom made based on the clients age, weight, height, body type and activity level.

TRAINING PROGRAM: You will receive a new training program every 6 weeks which will be custom made for your needs.

BI-WEEKLY FOLLOW UPS VIA EMAIL/SKYPE:  You, as the client, will be provided with an excel sheet to fill out every 2 weeks which will include: your morning empty stomach body weight and your body measurements.  You will be responsible to fill out this sheet every 2 weeks with progress pictures and send us an email with all of your questions which we will respond back to you within 24 hours with your adjusted plan to ensure you continue your progress towards your goal.



When you sign up for this package, you are committed for a MINIMUM of 3 months.  You can prolong the program longer than 3 months if you are happy with the service, however it is UP TO YOU to inform us when you are satisfied and want to terminate the subscription.

If for any reason you want to cancel your subscription before the 12 week program has been completed, there will be a 100$ + taxes penalty to pay after your payments have covered the regular price of a nutrition plan (119.99$), 1 training program (119.99$), and number of diet adjustments/body assessments (99.99$)


Additional information

Payment Type

Up-Front, Weekly


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