Client Testimonials

“Not new to the gym world , although new to Power Flex gym, like all new mom’s I was cardio addicted and doing many various cardio classes to get “fit”.

Stepping on to the gym floor is when I started to observe the “one and only” Chris who had the reputation to be the toughest but THE  BEST trainer around.

After seeing that, the journey for me began…. the goal was to cut down on all the cardio and getting some muscle and shape on this little body!

Always disciplined and hard working in the gym Chris has given me the training programs to follow as well as the nutritional meal plans, as they go hand in hand.

The changes I and everyone else have seen are unbelievable and its all thanks to Chris.

Chris is a true professional that knows what he`s doing and cares about his clients with constant follow ups and guidance.  I am now prepping for my first competition in the Figure category and proud to be on TEAM LUDACHRIS!”



“I met Chris while I was on my journey to my 1st competition ever. I wanted to do everything perfectly. So I looked up on the internet for a posing teacher, called and spoke to many people and everyone referred me too Chris Gurunlian.

The next day I called him, got him to come to Quebec City the week after. First posing session with him, we connected immediately. After competing, I called Chris and we met up to start my diet and training session for Quebec Open which was actually in 22 weeks. During this prep, I had up and downs like everybody in my personal and work life. Chris was my friend, my father, my psychologist and my coach. We all have our rough moments, but he knew exactly how to keep on track when I was ready to quit.

Finally, the weekend of the competition arrived.  It was time to go to the hotel, when we arrived I notice other athletes were alone without their coaches. Chris had 7 Bikini girls are 3 Men Physique’s including me. He didn’t sleep for 2 straight days, watching every one of us while we slept pulling our skin every 2 hours, telling us to wake up and eat this and that.

Resulting in, Johnny 1st in Tall men Physique, Adrien 2nd Medium, and I ( Kevin Tyler )1st Men physique with the Overall. Girls did excellent and Maro picks up 3rd and the Transformation Winner.

I’m proud to be in the LudaChris family!”

Kevin Tyler


“Never really thanked you properly for what you done for me and still doing for me. I mean this from the bottom of my heart 🙂

I knew I wanted to compete years before I even started training. It was one of my dreams but I just didn’t know how or where to start. When I first met Chris he guided me through what I thought would be the impossible. 6 months later I entered my first bikini competition, needless to say I’ve been bitten by the stage bug and we are currently working towards my next competition. My experience with him taught me what hard work and dedication really feels like and with consistency you can achieve your goals. Not only did I find a great coach but also a friend.”

Melissa Sassone


“My experience with Coach Chris Gurunlian has been a great and a successful road until now. I’ve been lifting weights for about 2 years , but as a beginner that wants to shed body fat i didn’t have the best knowledge and education about the proper way of dieting, so for 2 years i was struggling with bad food habits, bad sleeping habits, so basically those 2 years were all a waste i can say because i would train hard do loads of cardio then struggle with what to eat and not have enough sleep.

After all, i decided to hire Chris as my coach to set me on the right track to be able to achieve my goals, and i can say that all we’ve been seeing since day 1 is results and transformations, one of the amazing things  that has he helped me battle insomnia, cravings, bad habits and so on.  Chris Gurunlian has been an amazing coach helping me reach some short term goals.. all this consistency with my dieting and training is showing week by week.”

Bader Al-Khateeb

“My experience with Chris as my trainer was special and one that I’ll never forget . First off, our interaction was unique in that we were like cat and mouse yelling back and forth. But I appreciated that because chris understood how to deal with me and how to push me to and beyond my limit. Chris never took his role lightly and was as much invested in achieving my goals. Although I may not train with chris anymore, he taught me an important lesson that I carry with me in my current training;the importance of discipline and consistency.with  hard work comes results. He taught me the difference between working out and training “


“My name is Kachig Malyan, a 36 yo male from Melbourne Australia who wished to get fitter and add some bulk. As a medical practitioner my job is very passive  and I wishes for an exercise routine with diet that would get me noticeable and quick results.
After contacting Chris, a 4 day split programme, and customised nutrition plan was obtained.  The exercises are effective and I am seeing very noticeable results after 7 weeks.  The nutrition plan is easy to follow and only require s some planning in advance. I actually eat more food now than I ate before and still managing to loose fat.
I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone who is sincere about getting fit.”
Kachig Malyan