About Ludachris Fitness

Founded by Chris Gurunlian in 2013, Ludachris fitness has grown to become one of the top personal training companies in North America.  While specializing in preparing athletes for fitness competitions, Ludachris fitness also provides a great service for lifestyle clients as well.  We are a one stop shop for all your fitness goals.


Athlete / Contest Prep Coaching

With over 20 years of experience Team Ludachris has produced champions in all categories at every level.

Lifestyle Coaching

With over 500 transformations over the past 10 years, Ludachris Fitness knows exactly how to help you achieve your fitness goals to feel and look better in your skin.


Whether you are looking to compete in a fitness competition or simply want to transform your body to look and feel better, our coaches have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.  With over 500 transformations over the past 10 years, the results don’t lie.


Deload Training

What? Deload training is essentially a period of reduced training frequency and intensity, often carried out over a 1-2 week period, during which training volume decreases and rest…

Whey concentrate vs Whey isolate explained

Whey protein is one of the two proteins found in milk, casein being the other one. During the process of making cheese, an enzyme is added to the…

Carbohydrates and Optimizing Performance : Post-Workout Carbs – Part 3

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