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Take Your Competitive Career to the Next Level with our Contest Prep Package  




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In order for LudaChris Fitness to conduct its business and services in an efficient and effective manner, the following terms and conditions must be accepted and adhered to:


  • Custom made Meal Plan
  • Supplement Plan to compliment your Meal plan
  • Custom Training Program 
  • Cardio program
  • Weekly Progress Reports and program adjustments
  • Bi-Weekly Video Calls for further program adjustments
  • Posing Sessions
    • every 4 weeks year round
    • every 2 weeks as of 12 weeks out
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

**What is not included in the package:

  • Travel accommodations if the competition is not in the same city as your coach is located and you want he/she to be present to help you.
  • Backstage pass and/or tickets for the pre judging and finals.
  • Costs are split between the total numbers of Team Ludachris Competitors doing that show.



  • 3 Month Package: 999.99$/every 3 months
  • 6 Month Package: 1799.99$/every 6 months
  • 12 Month Package: 2999.99$/every 12 months
  • All packages are set up in a subscription format and will renew automatically upon expiration. If you wish to end your services at the end of your package, it is UP TO YOU to inform us when you are satisfied and want to terminate the subscription.
  • For new clients, we guarantee you will receive your programs within 3 business days of the initial payment (pending you have answered your initial questionnaires and initial progress report)
  • Athletes who wish to extend their package by less than 3 months due to additional competitions they wish to enter, outside of the original one they signed up for, will have an additional charge of 149.99$/week for every additional week.


  • Once you sign up for your package of choice, the package start date is when you receive your initial set of programs. It is up to you to utilize all services included within the time frame of your package. Packages can only be placed on hold or extended due to health conditions with a medical note provided.
  • If a session is not canceled within the reasonable 24 hour advance notice policy, the client will be charged or lose the session in question. However, emergencies or sudden illness will be exempt, provided sufficient proof and documentation.
  • If a client is late for his/her session, the time will be deducted from the session in question. However, if the trainer is late, the client will still receive their entire session.
  • Upon completion of your package if you choose not to renew or switch to a different package, you will no longer have access to our private Facebook group or your programs with the exception of your progress report section. You can remain a member of our Facebook group, keep access to your programs and be able to create your own programs through the Elite Trainr app for a small monthly fee, contact us to for more information.


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