Carbohydrates provide your body with its preferred fuel source – glycogen. Stored in the liver and muscle cells, glycogen provides your body with the energy to power through intense workouts, endure more lengthy training sessions and perform at its optimum. To make the best use of your dietary carbohydrates, ideally your meals should be structured such that your highest carb meals are those eaten pre and post workout. Endurance athletes and bodybuilders may also benefit from intra-workout nutrient intake, primarily in the form of carbohydrates and amino acids.

An ideal pre-workout meal is high in carbs with moderate to high protein and low fat.

Benefits of pre-workout carbohydrates:

  • Provide optimal fuel for high-intensity workouts
  • Increase training endurance and reduce intra-workout fatigue
  • Promote proper recovery and muscle growth
  • Prevent protein breakdown, especially when paired with a high-quality protein source
  • Contribute that oh-so-desirable ‘pump’

Some things to consider:

Higher glycemic-index carbohydrates provide the advantage of being fast-digesting and enter the bloodstream more rapidly. These simple carbs result in immediate insulin spike and quick surge of energy, but can be followed by a less desirable ‘crash’. Alternatively, complex carbohydrates are slower to digest, but provide longer-lasting energy

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