Body Weight: 178lbs to 163lbs
Body Fat: 20.7% to 8.9%
Lean Muscle: 149lbs 160lbs
My major transformation and back to competition
I want to share my experience on taking LudaChris The Guru Gurunlian as my mentor and trainer. I did many bodybuilding competitions before, and now at 52, I decided to compete again. Being old school, I was not getting the response I needed from my training nor my nutrition.
I decided to meet with Ludachris for some coaching and with his expertise in nutrition, body transformation knowledge in a short period of time, he transformed me into a fierce competitor at the APQ provincial winning 3 Titles and two overalls. Not only does he coach you, he evaluates you, explains very well the process, does follow-ups, creates a customized meal plan and is always there when you have a question.
With Ludachris by my side, I am now heading towards the Natural Nationals on May 6th.
I certainly feel like a champion after working with Ludachris. I recommend Ludachris if you need a transformation no matter what your age, sexe or goals are, he’s the man.
Charles Berthaud