Body Weight: 179lbs to 159lbs
Body Fat: 23.4% to 7.1%
Lean Muscle: 137lbs 155lbs


I got approached by Christopher late 2016 to prepare for an upcoming competition, 5 months away. After much deliberation, i accepted and we started to work immediately.

From the get go, i had a good amount of confidence not only in myself, but in Christopher too. The way he interacted and communicated his methods were very easy to understand and to get accustomed to. I had many doubts and concerns throughout my time with Christopher and if there is one thing i can tell you guys, it’s to TRUST THE PROCESS.

He voiced this expression so many times and believe me the man knows what he is doing lmfao. Every question i had, had an immediate answer. I have learned so many things, far from what i have originally expected, from his expansive knowledge and colossal experience. Christopher taught me a lot about nutrition, meal timing, training, mobility work and so many more things but one thing that this whole process has educated me is self discipline. You will learn things about yourself that no other sport or domain in life will teach you. Not only did i make drastic physical improvements but my mental state skyrocketed to a whole other level. My friendship with Chris has improved tremendously throughout my preparation. His sense of humour and his personality made this journey more energetic and kept things joyful. Team ludachris is like a second family. From the start, i felt accepted and cared for from my teammates and trainers.

The passion and energy that these other athletes cary and transmit is what kept me motivated to push to the end. Team Ludachris refined my love for fitness and i will never regret joining this team. With the hard work, disciple, and dedication that has been poured into my prep, we were able to snatch 1st place in my Classic Physique category and 3rd place in a very competitive Junior bodybuilding class.

To all who are looking for a coach, rise to the occasion and join Team Ludachris!
Thank you team and Chris for the support and guidance.