Body Weight: 192lbs to 160lbs

Body Fat: 29.6% to 5.9%

Lean Muscle Mass: 142lbs to 150lbs


From the first day chris and I met I knew he was the right coach for me!! The attention to detail and the knowledge he has about training, nutrition and the overall human body really gave me the confidence to put all my trust in his hands. I followed his guidance to the letter and we made great progress as a team in life as well as on stage. He got me into the best shape of my life, during my first year competing with him we took home 4 first place trophies as well as 2 overall titles. 

After that season I took a serious vacation from the strict diet and just enjoyed life and especially food!! Blowing up to just under 200lbs!! 

From December 2016 to May 2017, with his guidance, went from 197lbs, to on stage 160lbs!! I would recommend Chris Gurunlian and his team of top trainers to everyone including athletes, who are looking to improve overall health and to learn more about fitness, health and wellness!! 

Thank you Chris and team LUDACHRIS