Body Fat: 11% to 5%
Lean Muscle Mass: 136lbs to 150lbs
Body Weight: 162lbs to 150lbs
One year ago I competed in my first men’s physique competition in the APQ, after having success in the IDFA, I felt I could be competitive.  I competed at the Andre Maillet Classic in 2016 and it was my worst result ever finishing 12th out of 13 athletes.  I really wasn’t happy with the package I brought to that show.
I wasn’t going to let it end like this.  I contacted Chris a week after the show to start working with him after seeing all the success he’s had with so many athletes at every level.  After we met, I felt confident he could bring me to the level I wanted to be at.  We set up a 1 year game plan to improve my physique and as I progressed he told me that I was no longer a men’s physique athlete and that I would have the most success in the Classic Physique/Bodybuilding division.  I wasn’t too sure I wanted to switch, but I put my trust in his knowledge and experience and knew that he wanted what’s best for me as he does with all his athletes.
1 year later, I stepped back on the Andre Maillet stage and had the best experience of my life by winning 1st place place in the 3 different categories (classic open bodybuilding, open junior bodybuilding, and open lightweight bodybuilding) and took the 2 overall titles in both classic and open bodybuilding.  Now time to continue to build my physique as we prepare for the 2018 season.