Hovag is a close friend of mine since childhood.  Growing up, he used to be very into sports, hockey, soccer, etc.  That progressively diminished as he got older and he started developing poor eating and drinking habits which over the years caused him to gain a lot of body fat.  Many times, I approached him to help him lose the weight but he just wasn’t mentally ready for it.  That remained the same up until last year where all of a sudden Hovag woke up and decided that enough was enough and that he was ready to change and turn his life around.  We started working out together, doing cardio together, I prepared him a meal plan and showed him how eating healthy doesn’t have to be torturous.  He slowly got more into cooking as well and finding different ways on how to a boring piece of chicken breast tasty and enjoyable.  I’m happy to say that he found joy in leading a healthy lifestyle and in 1 year he has dropping an amazing 133 lbs.  Words cannot express how proud I am of him, not only for having dropped all this weight, but also how his character has changed and has become a much more positive person.


“Nothing Ludachris about it . Chris has been patient and caring every step of the way . He has worked at my pace and has been my nutritionist trainer coach psychologist and rock .
About a year ago when i approached Chris was not the first time he had offered me help . The first time i approached him i was hard headed egotistical and cocky . So of course we budded heads. But the second time around i followed his diet and training program and stopped making excuses ( and yes a long day at work being tired is an excuse ) and almost 1 and a half years have passed and i am nearly 140 lbs down and still losing .
I have still a lot of work to do and to accomplish . But i know with a weapon like Chris Gurunlian by my side nothing is impossible . Patience determination and will power and the Ludachris program. Chris is all any human being on this planet needs to achieve any body they wish.
Thank you Chris. But you are not my trainer or nutritionist . You are my brother you are my best friend . You are an angel sent from above and i will never forget what you have helped me achieve.”
Hovag K.