The goal of the Ludachris Fitness summer camp is to spark a love of physical activity that will remain with kids long after the summer is over.

Created by national fitness competitor and physical education teacher Chris Gurunlian, camp activities will focus on team and individual sports, group fitness, and games, with four physical activities per day. Camp monitors will be physical education graduates with first aid certificates.

The camp also offers a nutritional aspect; healthy meals are provided to campers, as well as education on nutrition and making healthy food choices. “Our goal is not only to feed our campers nutritious foods, but also offer an education about how these foods will benefit their health so that they make better choices in the foods they consume throughout their lives,” Gurunlian said.

Ludachris Fitness summer camp takes place at the LaurenHill Academy junior sports complex, 2355 Decelles in St. Laurent. Discounts are available if you book for multiple weeks.

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