I met Anita in the gym and she showed interest in working with me.  She felt comfortable doing her own workouts but felt she really needed help nutritionally.  We sat down for a consultation and discussed how I work and my theory on how people should eat to be healthy.  I didn’t feel she totally bought into it at first, but she put her trust in me and followed my instructions to the tee.


In the 12 weeks we worked together, Anita achieved great results, she went from 41% body fat and 185lbs to 32% body fat and 154lbs.  As great as the results were, we both weren’t quite satisfied and wanted to continue her progress.  At this point, Anita felt she had acquired sufficient knowledge from me regarding nutrition and wanted to try continuing her healthy eating on her own.  I agreed and suggested at this point to invest in a training program and a few sessions with my partner Yulia to improve her training and make it more efficient for fat loss and toning her body.


After working with Yulia for 4-5 months and continuing to eat well with the guidelines I set for her, Anita came back to get assessed and she had lost another 14lbs and 7% body fat.


Words can`t express how proud we are of her.  She took the education Yulia and I provided for her about nutrition, training and supplements and put it to work on her own.


When you work with clients who have that inner motivation and discipline to follow the plans we set up for them consistently, success is the only option!  Great job Anita!!



I had always been a cardio addict before my pregnancy. Once I gave birth to my son, I was 60 lbs heavier. A month postpartum, I tried to go back to my old workout routine by jogging, spinning and some home exercise DVD’s but I was not getting the results I was hoping for. I felt trapped in another person’s body and was very depressed. I was now taking care of a newborn and found no time for myself. I realized I needed help ASAP. I came across Chris at the gym and booked a consultation.


Chris started following me for 12 weeks and changed my perspective on exercise and nutrition. I was stuck in a mindset that cardio is the only key for weight loss and that weight loss is only measured with a scale. Chris convinced me to ignore the scale and keep focused on total body fitness. As well, Chris taught me the true meaning of clean eating. With a personalized nutrition plan that took into consideration my lifestyle (ie: breastfeeding), Chris helped me kick start my weight loss.


Once I completed my 12 week program, I enrolled with Yulia for a personalized workout program. She taught me proper workout form and to fall in love with weight training.


Chris and Yulia are always motivating and constantly help their clients achieve their goals. I have worked with other trainers in the past but what makes this team unique is that you know that they care about each and every client.


This experience was not easy. Having a baby changes your life and your body. I was sleep deprived, going through baby blues but yet always managed to make time in order to put in the work. I put in the work because I trusted Chris when he said hard work will pay off and indeed it did.


I now look better then ever and feel like my ultimate self. This experience helped physically and it also helped me keep my sanity. I recommend Chris and Yulia to anyone who is ready to put in the effort because I swear you will achieve your goal with this dream team by your side.