Transformation of The Month Featuring Our Client Oscar
Stats Before to After:
BODY FAT: 23.5% TO 10.9%
I never had a thought of giving up after the first follow-up with Chris. Everyone has to start somewhere in life, to keep improving physically and mentally, which is the reason I see Chris. I have significantly see the results after following Chris’s plans. I did a bulking phase on my own before, from 63kg to 78kg. After that, I have no clue how to slowly decrease body fat efficiently at all, which Chris gives me a clear guild with workout & diet plans. I learned a lot just from the appointment I have with him every two weeks. He encourages me every time after each appointment, even I didn’t have a really good improvements as I should due to the school work.
We always have a leisure moment when I have an appointment with him. I am an international student, I have no barriers at all with talking to Chris. He cares a lot about his clients. Sometimes, I ask him a lot questions, but he is always patiently answer them with the clearest explanations. Talking to Chris never gives me any pressure, it’s just like having a really close friend. On the other hand, diet, Chris and his team never restrain the options for you to eat. You have various choices of eating food happily while gradually seeing your body fat decrease. What I want say is you have to trust Chris, trust his team. They will give you a big transformation on yourself if you follow their instructions for sure. It takes nothing, but your work with dedication and time. Thank you, Chris, and his team, to make me better. I will keep improving on my physique and seeing the result coming!