TRANSFORMATION OF THE MONTH FEATURING our online client from Vancouver Ashley Davidson
WEIGHT: 147.4LBS TO 139.6LBS
BODY FAT: 20% TO 11%
The moment Chris told me that he’s very honest and doesn’t sugar coat anything I knew I found the perfect coach.
I’ve competed in two bikini competitions previously, but was never completely happy with my experience. While I was pregnant with my second child last summer I really wanted to make more of an effort to stay fit and healthy and not use being pregnant as an excuse to over indulge.
Chris helped me stay focused during my pregnancy with our long term goal of me competing. I ended up having a c-section again in the fall and had to take some time off from training to recover and then it was game time.
I could not be happier with the progress we’ve made! I’ve put on so much muscle, lost body fat, and am finally getting my confidence back.
Chris is incredibly knowledgeable with everything he does. Customized training plans, diets and supplements. It’s hard enough prepping for a show and I found the worst part for me in the past was the diet, I did not want to be eating straight tilapia for months on end.
Chris actually takes the time to work with you and the food you like which makes it so much easier to stick to! His training programs will kick your ass in the best way possible!
He literally gives you every tool you need to reach your goals, but it’s up to you to put in the work! And checking in with him via FaceTime/Skype every two weeks keeps me on track and I always feel a fresh sense of motivation after we talk.
I’ll be back on stage in 2 months, bringing my best physique and stage presence to date and I could not have done it without him!