Javier and his wife Maria both came to me together for a 12 week transformation, but it was clear to me that Maria was there more to support her husband as she was already pretty good shape.  My ultimate goal for males over 40 years old who aren’t looking to compete is help them reach a body fat of 18-22%.  At his first assessment, Javier measured at 38% body fat, 206lbs and only 127lbs of lean muscle mass.  He was ready to work and change his eating habits and overall lifestyle.  They both followed the meal plan and workout plan I provided for them to the tee.  Maria made some good improvements, however Javier’s results were astonishing.  He dropped down to 19% body fat, 176lbs and increased his lean muscle mass to 142lbs.  Great job to the both of you, I’m very proud of you and I’m sure you have inspired many people around you to live healthier lifestyles.


I was exercising regularly and eating healthy so why was I gaining weight??? I needed some guidance and my wife Maria found Chris.

At our first consultation, Chris informed me that I was over eating the “healthy” foods.  I knew I did not want to feel hungry during the day. Chris made sure my portions were the right amount to keep me satisfied.

Although at times it was difficult to stick to the custom menu plan Chris had made for me, with his guidance and my determination,  the weight melted off and I gained muscle mass.

Thanks to Chris, my quality of life has changed drastically, I have much more energy during the day, I’m sleeping better at night and  I have adopted Chris’ menu plan as my way of eating and controlling how much food I eat every week, allowing myself cheat meals on the weekends. I will never go back to my old way of eating.

I will also continue to consult Chris every 2 months to stay accountable to myself!!!

If you’re looking for an honest, down to earth, well informed coach and mentor to reach your fitness goals and feel 100% BETTER about yourself, CHRISTOPHER GURUNLIAN is the person to contact.