This young man is the very definition of what consistent hard work is all about.

I’ve known Shayne since he was in high school and I was in shock to see the condition he was in when he came to see me last summer.

With that being said, he was mentally ready to completely change his LIFE STYLE. Which is EXACTLY what you get by working with me.

My transformation packages aren’t just about losing weight. It’s an EDUCATION on how to lead a healthier lifestyle where you will be able to MAINTAIN what you achieve.

Shayne has lost over 40lbs, 9 inches on his waistline and went from being 42.5% body fat to 14.9% while toning up.

He has devolopped muscularly so well over the time we have worked together that we are actually considering to enter him in his first natural fitness competition this coming fall. Something that wasn’t even a thought when we first started.

I’ve helped alot of people achieve great transformations thus far and Shayne is surely at the top of the list now. Very proud of you for doing this and being able to maintain it!


Last July, after several years of really letting myself go, I was more than ready to get back in the gym. Having trained with Chris in the past, I knew he could definitely help me. I met Chris for a consultation and found out I was over 40% Body Fat, much worse than both of us anticipated. How I felt in that moment is honestly a blur to me now, but I was ready to make a change.
He gave me my meal plan and training program a few days later and it was off to the races. I followed my regime religiously and the results were unreal.

Chris isn’t the type to sugarcoat your situation and tells it how it is. He will tell you exactly what you NEED and HAVE to do to get the results you WANT. I can definitely say that if you put your 100% trust in him, you WILL achieve your goals.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me regain control of my life. You’ve helped me in so many more ways than just getting fit. This transformation has turned my life around by making me a much happier and more confident person, and I couldn’t have done it without you.