Stats Start to finish:
Body fat: 53% to 26%
Body weight: 340lbs to 215lbs
Lean muscle mass 158lbs to 172lbs
Waist Line: 55″ to 39″


When I first came to Chris I had in mind, a better stronger version of myself and I had an idea of how to get there. What I didn’t have was the structure and guidance of how to do it. After doing countless hours of research and talking to many people that have had success, Chris’s name came up time after time, so I contacted him and made my appointment.

Upon entering his office, I saw Chris sitting at his desk with that smile he always has and we had quite a lengthy conversation about what I wanted, the results I was looking for and my goals. Chris immediately went to work and put me through a complete lifestyle change. The change was hard, the workouts were hard and the eating was harder.

Despite all the changes, I didn’t feel as if I was doing this alone as I put all my trust in Chris and his vast fitness knowledge. After all his success stories his accomplishments spoke for themselves, so I knew I had the right guy for the job. With Chris’s advice, everything started to fall into place and as time passed I got leaner and stronger. I was so amazed with the results that I was hooked and found a new passion in fitness.

As my time with Chris went on, a new young blood was brought into the “ludachris” family and that was Justin. Chris spoke with me about giving him a shot to train me so I decided to give him a shot. As we trained together I learned a lot from him, as he did from me, and I believe that our experience made us both better stronger versions of ourselves. Justin, like Chris, is a superb professional in their trade. At this point in time I have reached my ideal weight and am currently working with Chris and Justin in bulking.

Over all my fitness journey has been amazing! The knowledge I’ve acquired has been priceless and is far from over. All in all I am happy with myself and with Chris and Justin. During all this time I’ve spent with Chris, I’ve also gained a friend which I hope to continue training with. Despite Chris’s choice in football teams, I have faith that he too will see the error of his ways as I have lol. Thanks Chris and Justin for everything!