The common theme I have noticed with clients who come to me for help is that they simply don’t prioritize their own health enough.  This was the case for my friend Anthony who is a business owner, has a wife and 2 young children and very little time for himself.  His goal wasn’t to bulk up, he simply wanted to lose body fat and feel good in his skin.  He had little to no free time to exercise, however I explained to him with a proper nutrition plan custom made for his hectic schedule, we can still get him the results he wanted.


He made an effort to change his eating habits, he exercised every chance he got, and he got the results he wanted.  I always tell people, you can’t change your body by exercising and eating poorly, but you can change your body by eating properly while not having time to exercise.  Nutrition is the key! Great job Anthony, very proud of you and your results!



Chris and I became friends a couple of years ago. I was never really into body building but after my wife had our second child, our life became so hectic around the house that I stopped having time to take care of myself.


I was so exhausted from my work and evenings taking care of my children that I started  eating extremely unhealthy. I guess I became an emotional eater. I was very unhappy with how I looked so I talked to Chris to see if he could help.


He came up with a great plan that worked with my busy schedule at work and my family life. I couldn’t believe how fast I was burning off the fat. In 3 short months I had lost 30 pounds! Chris was always helpful when I needed advice and made sure to keep me in line when I needed it. The faster I saw results the more I believed his methods worked and the more I was dedicated to see it through. Chris has been a great friend and great coach.