I met Effie through a referral from one of my current clients Nancy.  She was overweight, inactive and eating poorly.  I told her she needed to change the way she eats, to start exercising at least 4 times a week and if she trusted me and followed the plans I prepared for her she would have great results.  I could tell she was very motivated as most people are when they first come to see me, but the question was, would this motivation lead her to remain consistent at following her programs for the long run.  Extreme weight loss isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, she understood that and to achieve her ultimate goal, we focused on short term goals such as losing 2-3 lbs and decreasing body fat 1-2% every week.

Effie worked very hard day in and day out, she followed her meal plan to the tee and when she was sick of eating something, we changed things up for her to keep her going.  Her workouts were quite basic to start but as she progressed, I challenged her with more intense workouts and added cardio to her plan.

After 6 months of working together, Effie looks and feels like a brand new woman and I love to see how confident she feels in her appearance now.  She has acquired a fit lifestyle and she loves it.  I have no doubt she will continue this lifestyle for the rest of her life.  Very proud of you!

Having been overweight for most of my life, I always knew one day I would be ready to actually make a real change.! Being in my mid-thirties and having two children under 6 years old, my weight had increased to an all-time high. I had every excuse for allowing myself to get to this point: “I am so busy with the kids”, “I have no time to workout”, “I’m just too tired”, we’ve all heard them before. Finally one day after having supper with my friend Nancy she asked me if I was ready for a change? She recommended I see Chris for a consultation. I told her I would think about it. Finally one Sunday morning I woke up and I was ready.  It was time for me to break out of the cycle of being sedentary and eating poorly and to live the life I was meant to live!  I booked an appointment with Chris, and the rest is history!

Chris was the perfect person to help me achieve my goal. He is extremely knowledgeable in fitness and healthy eating. He guided me every step of the way with his creative and delicious meal plans which always left me full and never hungry or craving the bad stuff.   I used to think I was eating healthy, but after sitting with Chris  I quickly realized I was not. I learned about which foods are good to eat and which ones to avoid and in the right quantities for my goals.  Within a few weeks the weight started to melt off and I was so motivated to continue.  Each time Chris and I would meet and he checked my progress, I would lose body fat, lose inches, gain muscle and leave there with a clear plan of action.

Six months later I’ve shed 51 lbs and I feel like a new me! My self-confidence has soared, I’ve inspired many of my friends but most importantly I am modelling to my daughters what a healthy lifestyle looks like! My girls are so proud of me and always encourage me with my workouts and say they can’t wait for us to exercise together when they get older!

Determination combined with the right support is the key to your success! LudaChris Fitness will lead you down the path of success! I highly recommend Chris to anyone ready to make some real changes in their life. Thank you Chris for all you have done for me and I hope I’ve made you proud!