Esther was referred to me by another client of mine.  She came to me wanting to change but wasn’t sure she could at her age having tried so many different diets already.  I told her that it’s NEVER too late to improve ones health and body image.  The key to her success was for me to figure out what type of meal plan and exercise regiment would work best for her and for her to CONSISTENTLY follow the plan.  With that combination I guaranteed her that she would succeed and succeed she did!

She took a 24 week transformation package with us and we put her on a custom made meal plan and exercise program.  The exercise program was more challenging for Esther as she wasn’t very comfortable performing the exercises on her own and so she decided to work with Yulia (my partner) 3 times a week to ensure she was performing in the gym with the right intensity and form.   It was a big investment for Esther to do all of this with us but in that time frame she lost 32 lbs, 11% body fat and continues to tone her body.

Very proud of you Esther and your transformation!  Your investment sure has paid off and you’re looking younger and younger!


“Having struggled with weight issues the last 27 years I had tried many weight loss programs, exercise regiments , fad diets, but never had much success. I believed I ate healthy .. But I had become quite sedentary in my lifestyle. I was 57, post menopausal, and resigned myself to the fact that this is what happens when you get older. I was wrong … Don’t remember the aha moment .. But I was done with being heavy.. Feeling unwell , and cropping my body on every pic.

With Chris I learned how to eat the right combination of foods.. The right amounts, and more often …and never felt hungry. Exercising was more of a challenge .. It clicked with Yulia.. Tough and patient .. The perfect combination that worked for me. 6 months from the day I started I was able to rock that ” little black dress” and never felt better. 58 years young and this is only the beginning!”


Esther Brzezinski