I had noticed Esther in the gym, coming regularly, exercising, but it was clear that there was no structure to her training program.  I was also quite sure that her nutrition wasn’t inline with the results she wanted to achieve.  I knew I could help her and I was waiting for her to come ask for help because that is always the first indicator to me as a trainer that the client is ready and motivated to follow my guidelines to get the results she wants.


We finally met for a consultation, set up an action plan with short term and long term goals to achieve her ultimate goal and the plan worked to perfection.  With a custom made meal plan and training program and intense training sessions with Yulia, Esther achieved the results she always wanted and did so within a 6 month span.  She has acquired healthy eating and exercising as a lifestyle which allows her to maintain what she has achieved and continues to train with Yulia 3 times a week all the while enjoying her social life as well.  Yulia and I are very proud of you Esther.  Keep up the great work!



I had gained a lot of weight in the last 10 years…for a year I was trying to get results on my own by dieting and going to the gym everyday.  I had started to lose some weight but was not seeing the results I wanted and I was really unhappy with the way I looked ,so took the decision to meet with Chris.


I knew of Chris‘s expertise because I had seen the work he had done with my friend Xanthe (one of his many great transformations).  We met for a consultation and body assessment and he immediately understood my needs and put me on a meal plan, which never left me hungry, and designed a training program customized for my level of training experience and goals I had set for myself.  I also took training sessions with Yulia, his partner, to push me during my trainings sessions while performing each exercise correctly and with intensity to optimize my results.


As determined as I was, I needed the right coaching and I found that with Chris and Yulia and the results were incredible.  They showed me what kind of consistent hard work was needed in and outside of the gym to get and keep the results that I have achieved.  I’m proud to say that I have acquired the fitness lifestyle and I’m enjoying it every day!  Thank you to Chris and Yulia, I am so happy with my results and honored to be one of your great transformations!