Jean came to me wanting to seriously change his body image with the goal of competing one day.  I told him we need to set short term goals for him first before we even consider to compete.

The first step was dropping his body fat under 15% prior to starting a bulk.

When we did his first assessment, he was shocked to find out he was well over 30%.

With proper nutrition and training designed for his specific needs we slowly dropped his weight and body fat and reached his goal by bringing him down to 160lbs and 12.6% body fat.

Now we are focusing on putting lean muscle mass on Jean and hopefully in the next year or two he will be ready to achieve his ultimate goal and step on stage with a competitive physique for the very first time.


“Earlier in 2014, my weight was close to 204 pounds. So I decided to do a change with my body. At the end of summer, I finally decided to pay a trainer that can help me more even. He did a diet plan, a lots of tranings programs and a meeting every 2 week to see progress. He motivate me. I’m really glad what I accomplished so far. At first, it wasn’t easy. BUT I kept thinking all the reasons why I start it. I kept imagining how i’m going to be and my imagiantion has to take out the pain. It’ all about how bad you want it that can push you where you want it to be. Embrace the pain. A big thanks to Chris Gurunlian Ifbb Pro. Time to bulk”


Jean In