I met Lennox for a consultation and assessed him. He was shocked to find out how high his body fat was. I reassured him that regardless of what the measurements were that day that it was his starting point and if he followed my custom made plans for him consistently throughout the 12 weeks, he would achieve great results.
Although it was tough at times, Lennox did a great job during his time with me and sure enough achieved a great transformation. More importantly, he learned how to maintain what he has achieved on his own.
What I offer to my clients is not just a transformation, more importantly it’s an EDUCATION on how to manage their nutrition after they reach their goals with me to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and to always be fit. Getting fit and staying fit isn’t a quick fix, it is a lifestyle that one must acquire. That’s exactly what Lennox has achieved!
I had just turned 40 and i noticed i was getting a little pot belly. i’ve been skinny my entire life and there was no way i was entering my 40’s with a pot belly. There was a buzz around the gym about the kind of results people were getting with Chris. I saw first hand some of the incredible transformations that were happening with his athletes and regular clients. After speaking with some of those clients and getting a first hand account of what the program entailed, i met with Chris for a consultation.
I signed up for a 12 week program and honestly it was one of the more difficult endeavors I’ve ever undertaken. The nutrition aspect was completely different. Gone were my old eating habits and a new more leaner diet was introduced.
My workout regimen was retooled, with more emphasis on technique and pace. This was made even more difficult because my family and friends couldn’t fathom why i was doing this in the first place. For all intent and purpose i looked skinny.
The first two weeks were incredibly difficult and i was seriously doubting whether or not i could remain committed to the program, but all worries were put to rest after my first body assessment session. In two weeks i had lost 8 lbs of body weight, 4 percent body fat, and 1 1/2 inch off my waist. That was all the motivation i needed.
During my twelve week program Chris always made himself available to answer questions and to address my concerns. He was incredibly flexible and understanding. He even provided a meal plan that i can follow on vacation. He is a great motivator and most of all the man knows his stuff. There is no denying his knowledge in nutrition and exercise.
In the 12 weeks i worked with him i went from 193 lbs to 172 lbs. From 32% body fat to 22%. from 36 inch waist to a 32. But more than body transformation i made a lifestyle transformation. I initially signed up to get rid of a little pot belly, but what Chris has given me is also the knowledge and skills to live a healthier and fit life to maintain what I have achieved.