Xanthe has always been very active throughout her life and has been working with another great trainer here at Powerflex (Louise Thomas) for years.  She had been discussing with me for months about working with me on a nutrition/supplement protocol to help her shed those extra pounds she had gained and simply couldn’t get off.

She took a 12 week transformation package with me, we put her on a custom made meal plan and supplement protocol to compliment her meal plan to make it as effective as possible.  In those 12 weeks, we gradually decreased her calories, we monitored what foods she responded well to and what foods she couldn’t tolerate and in that time frame she lost 22 lbs and 8% body fat.  We both felt that we hadn’t reached her ultimate goal which was to be under 20% body fat and so she decided to re-sign up for a 2nd package.  We are currently mid way through this package, she achieved her goal and is currently 19.7% body fat and has dropped a total of 34lbs.  We are currently reverse dieting her and gradually increasing her calories to ensure her metabolism adapts to the additional calories so that she maintains what she has achieved.

Very proud of you Xanthe and your transformation!  I’m sure with the knowledge you have acquired by working with me, you now have the tools to continue on your own and keep the body you have worked so hard to achieve!

Client’s Testimonial

“In January 2015, i took the decision to meet with Chris, ashamed at the way I looked and felt.

All due to quitting smoking and knee surgery all at once. I knew of Chris‘s expertise because

I train at the gym where Chris has transformed many of his clients. He immediately understood

My needs and put me on a nutritional and healthy meal plan, which never left me hungry, on the

contrary, I felt that I was over eating.


Chris helped me understand how my body was functioning and reacting to proper food intake.

The process was easy to follow, and with much determination and the right coaching the results

Where astounding, as you can see in the before and after picture. I am forever grateful to Chris

For all he has taught me about nutrition and how the body responds to proper eating.

These lessons learned will forever help in the years to come.”

Xanthe Tsatas