I met LD over a year ago.  He showed interest in working with me for his next show so i invited him to come in for a meeting.  I took a look at him and knew right away he had to potential to go to the very top with the right guidance.
Louis-Dominique was the ideal athlete/client to have, he followed my guidance to the tee, he put his full trust in me and never second guessed my methods and the results speak for themselves.  He looked the best he ever did this year and won the provincial overall title along with a top 5 finish at his first national event.
As great as this year was, neither of us are satisfied with the results, we simply raised the bar for LD and have high expectations for the upcoming season.  Very proud of you brother, you represent me, our team and yourself in the most humble and classy way on and off the stage!
When I decided to enter the Men’s Physique Division, I knew I would need some overall guidance.  I knew that MP athletes were judged on way more than just their physique. I needed someone who knew exactly what it takes to reach the top of this division. Someone who was gonna be straight-up with me, no bs. After doing my research, one name popped out. Chris Gurunlian.  I then met up with him and at the end of our meeting I was hooked. He told me all the right things.
Chris is now more than a coach to me. He’s a mentor and someone I can call a friend. Always there to keep me grounded & making sure my head is straight. I reached my best physique ever this year. Winning the overall at Qc provincial’s was a huge highlight for me and then my top 5 finish at my first Nationals 3 weeks later the icing on the cake.
Chris was there by my side all along the way. Told me exactly what I needed to do. I think it’s safe to say it’s been a very successful year.  I couldn’t thank him enough for everything he’s done.  I’m proud to be on Team LudaChris and it is an honor to rep his colors.
Like Chris kept telling me all along my 2 preps… “It’s only a matter of how bad you want it?”  Thanks for everything coach. I’m blessed that life put you on my way.