Antonia was reffered to me last year. She was tired of being super thin and wanted to tone up. At the time, she wasn’t eating properly, her macro nutrient intake wasn’t what she needed. So I prepared her a custom made meal plan to insure her nutritional intake was what she needed to achiever her goals.

She also took training sessions with me and worked together 5 times a week for a good 6 months.

The end result: she lost body fat, significantly increase her lean muscle mass and most importantly has maintained what she has achieved.

Great job Antonia!


“When I met Chris I was an insecure, very thin woman who thought change was impossible. He began by teaching me proper form in weight training and nutrition.  ‎As the months went by I started noticing a difference, began to see muscles I never thought I had. I was realizing that his training programs and meal plans were actually taking affect.
I continued to follow his plan in training and meals and still do to this day. Chris has transformed me not only physically but also mentally.  I have become more fit, strong and solid. Also more confident and ‎know I can accomplish anything I set my mind on. Chris is not only a very knowledgeable trainer but has also become a good friend in whom I can trust.”
Antonia A.