Cathy came to me over 6 months ago with very poor eating habits and wasn’t too familiar with what to do in the gym.  She wanted to lose body fat and tone up like most women do and like most clients I have worked with, I told her that if she commits to the plan and follows it consistently she will get the results she wants.  She weighed 181lbs, measured at 31% body fat at her first assessment.  Right from the get go she started shedding body fats.  Of course there were some bumps in the road, but she always found a way to get through any obstacles that came her way and after 6 months of working together she dropped to 148lbs and 16% body fat.  She has completely transformed her body and her lifestyle and is doing a great job at maintaining what she has achieved.  Very proud of you Cathy



Law school was hard.

Passing the bar was very hard.

Quitting smoking after 13 years was nearly impossible.

Committing to training and doing Bikram Yoga 4 to 5 times a week was also difficult.

But the greatest challenge of all was disciplining myself to eat right because it was and is a daily struggle. Food was my drug, my comfort. If I had a bad day and felt shitty, I’d turn to high fat, high sugar, processed foods to ‘’feel better’’, but what I was ignoring at the time was the double edged sword of my choices. Those foods not only hurt my body, but they also affected my morale negatively. When I had enough of feeling like crap and not being able to look at myself in the mirror anymore, I made a decision to get back on track and live a healthy lifestyle.


My first step was signing up at PowerFlex, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough. I needed guidance. What to do when I get to the gym? What should I eat before? After? I didn’t have a clue where to start. Then I inquired about a personal trainer and was referred to Chris. At first, I was a bit reluctant to consult him as I had read he was an IFBB Pro, and thought to myself that he probably wouldn’t have time to help me, but I was wrong. From the first inquiry email I sent him, his response was almost instant and from that day on, he has helped me in more ways than I expected. He not only guided me for my workout regime, but he taught me a lifestyle, a way of life that will last forever; how to enjoy the right foods without harming my body. For this, I am truly grateful. Chris is more than just a trainer. He is a life coach, and I’m sure I speak for everyone he has ever helped when I say Thank you. You’re a true blessing.