Moe came to me this past summer with an interest in entering his first fitness competition.  His timing wasn’t great as the show he wanted to enter was less than 12 weeks away and I normally require a minimum of 16 weeks to properly prepare someone.  Nevertheless, he was very motivated and ready to work his tail off and that is exactly what I made him do.  He followed his meal plan to the tee, never missed a training or cardio session and the results speak for themselves.  We built up his upper body, dropped his body fat from 23% to 8% and presented a very competitive physique on stage.  He had a great experience at his first competition and he is even more motivated to continue to improve his physique in preparation for the next one.  Very proud of you Moe, I look forward to continue to work with you and help you reach your full potential.




I’ve been training since the young age of 15.  Fast forward 15 years later, I decided to try my hand at competing.  Chris Gurunlian saw potential in me and we immediately went to work, and within 12 weeks I transformed my body to a level I didn’t even think I can reach.  Not only did I look good, but i felt great from within.  Chris guided me throughout this journey while always keeping my health as his #1 priority.  Thanks Chris, I can’t wait for the provincials!