Justin came to see me for a consultation looking to transform his body this year to possibly compete next in men’s physique.

The only issue was he lived at a distance and couldn’t travel to see me for his follow ups. So he took advantage of the online service that I now offer via skype/email.

We checked in on a weekly basis via email, made adjustments to meal plan whenever it was necessary and the results were phenomenal. In only 12 weeks he dropped 12lbs and increased his muscle mass by improving the body parts (chest, shoulders) that were his weaknesses.

He is now reverse dieting and going to a lean bulking phase so that he is ready to start his prep in the new year for the Quebec Open.

Great job Justin and i look forward to continue to working with you.


I’ve trained since I was a teen, I did everything on my own from training routines to diets. this year I lost motivation and fell off track. I wanted a fresh start to get back in shape.

After searching, the name that popped up the most with only positivity was Chris Gurunlian. I then knew he was the best option for me.

When we met, he was very clear and easy going, it motivated me. The diet he prepared were easy to follow and I didn’t feel like I was dieting. My weight dropped every week, my physique kept getting better.

I’m motivated to keep going and confident to enter men’s physique next year, with the guidance of coach Chris Gurunlian.

If your ready to put in work and gets real results I suggest you give Chris a try.