Bader came to me overweight, not knowing what to do. We decided to make him a custom made meal plan and training program to follow and he would come for follow ups every 2 weeks. He followed everything to the tee and achieved amazing results.

He is now 40 lbs lighter, his muscle mass is up and his overall physique is very symmetric! Who knows, maybe one day, you will see him competing in men’s physique too! Nothing is impossible! Very proud of you and your new found love for fitness Bader! Keep up the great work!


“I came up to Chris when i was overweight, carrying lots of fat, feeling depressed,  bad eating habits, my training started getting worse and everything around me started getting darker and depressing


I knew I needed help..Big time.  Once me and Chris met up for the first time and we started talking it took weight off my shoulders and after we had set the plan and started getting results and getting my confidence back up.  I have to say Chris helped me a lot and he knows what hes doing.”


Bader A.