Ga-Cong had actually gone up to 290lbs before he decided it was time to change his habits, his ways, his life. 

He was completely inactive, eating very poorly and had many health issues because of it such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a fatty liver. He was 20 years old at the time.

He made a life changing decision by starting with simple exercise program and a healthy meal plan. Slowly the results started to come in which motivated him to keep going. 

1 year later he has lost 105 lbs, his cholesterol and blood pressure are normal and his liver is healthy.

We are now focusing on a lean bulk to put on some muscle mass on him and it is going great, he already up 6lbs. Stay tuned to see what he looks like in a few months! #teamludachris #bodytransformation

"I needed to shed 90 pounds and I knew I had to give myself a visit to Chris. Fast forward a year later and I have lost all the weight i desired to loose and can definitely say I have built more muscle mass within the time frame that I did in the previous 3 years combined. 

Chris is a straight up person, there's no point in hiding or lying because the numbers won't lie! I strongly suggest him to anyone that needs help to achieve their goals because I can assure you that if you commit to him, he's going to commit to you."

Ga-Cong R.