Viera is a mother of 2 teenagers, had never trained in a gym before and was under-eating. She came to me in January and was motivated to make a serious change to have the bikini body she always wanted by summer time! I told her we can make this happen with the proper nutrition and training plan so long as she consistently followed the plan every day!

We trained together 4 times a week and she followed her custom made meal plan to the tee!

She dropped 30lbs in those 5 months and is ready for the beach and all the pool parties! Very proud of her and her success! I don’t work magic with my clients, I simply make custom plans for them and make the proper adjustments when they hit a plateau in search of their ultimate goal!


“I had the best experience with Chris, I never knew that dieting can change the figure so much!
I never had Breakfest before only cafe morning, lunch nothing and when come to supper I eat anything because I was hungry ,and I thought I was fit but I wasn’t.
I never workout in the gym before, but I was doing lot of martial arts, kick boxing and swimming. ┬áBut it wasn’t enough ! I was trying all the diets and nothing work until Chris came in my life, and you change me completely!
I love eat every day chicken, fish and rice! I love to measure the food and I feel very good and confident about myself.
Everybody is staring at me because I look like a model thanks to you and I will continue working out every day in the gym and dieting every day ! ┬áThank you!!”
Viera O.